Thank you for joining us at the annual conference on March 7th.

We extend our gratitude to our sponsors whose support made this event possible.

The conference commenced with Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Lorcan McGarvey, delivering updates on managing chronic coughs in adults, delving into potential causes and advancements in treatment research. Prof. McGarvey highlighted various research developments in treating coughs and emphasized the necessity for further investigation, expressing optimism for forthcoming treatments. Unfortunately, technical issues prevented the playback of a patient experience video during the conference, but you can view it by clicking here.

Patricia Davis (RANP, Respiratory Integrated Care, Wicklow) provided an update on the Oxygen tender, with new patient orders expected to commence on April 8th. For further details, please refer to the webinar on our website or contact suppliers for assistance. Watch the webinar here.

The day continued with presentations from Olivia Healy (Chief II Respiratory & Sleep Physiologist, Galway) on spirometry procedures, and Lisa Egan (Pediatric Respiratory RANP ) on allergic rhinitis and allergen immunotherapy in pediatric populations. Olive McCafferty(Heart and Lung Transplant Physiotherapist) presented on managing ILD-specific patients pre-lung transplant and O2 requirements.

The next speakers at the conference were last year bursary winners. The first recipient, Lynn Fox (RANP, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital) completed the Course Certificate in Palliative Care. She explained how she gained the competence to manage symptoms in ILD patients and highlighted its role in forming an ILD/Palliative Multidisciplinary Team with St Francis Hospice. The second recipient was the team composed of Lynda Haran, Lavinia McLeod, and Rinu Rajan (CNSp Respiratory Integrated Care, Dublin North City & County). They shared their perspectives in creating a booklet with resources for addressing breathlessness. This booklet will be made available on the website shortly.

Following their presentations, the Anail committee congratulated this year’s bursary winners, Maria Culinan (Respiratory ANPc, Limerick) and Carita Bramhill (PhD Candidate, Irish Research Council Scholar, Trinity College, Dublin).

Best of luck with your projects and looking forward to hear an update next year!

The day also featured snapshots from five services across Ireland , including:

  • Aoife Folliard (Respiratory ANP) ” RANP Respiratory Services in MUH”.
  • Daphne Masterson (Respiratory ANP, Integrated Care, South Tipperary ) ” A Review of Azithromycin Prophylaxis. Appropriateness of initial prescription and safety monitoring”.
  • Lisa Farell (RANP Paediatric CHI, Crumlin ) ”Monthly online educational sessions”.
  • Colleen Merritt (Respiratory CNSp, Integrated Care, Co Donegal ) ”CARE Virtual ward”.
  • Catherine Carrig & Mary Devitt ( Paediatric CNSp, Tallaght) ”Children’s Asthma Pack-a patient centred initiative for a family-friendly asthma resource”

The conference concluded with an inspiring talk by Dermot Whelan on effective communication and stress management.

Lastly, the incoming committee for 2025 to 2026 was elected. Congratulations to the new committee members!

ChairSonya Murray (ANP, Respiratory Integrated Care, Letterkenny)/Colleen Merritt( CNSp, Respiratory Integrated Care, Co Donegal)

SecretaryKarolina Glomba(CNSp, Galway University Hospital)

TreasurerElizabeth Kavanagh (Respiratory ANP, Drogheda)/Diane Moran(Respiratory ANP , Drogheda)

Educational OfficerHelen Mulryan(Respiratory ANP,Galway University Hospital)/Donna Langan(Respiratory ANP,Galway University Hospital)

Pediatric Educational OfficerLisa Farell(Paediatric ANP,Crumlin)/Lisa Egan(Paediatric ANP,Midland Regional Hospital)

Website CoordinatorNial Kennedy(Respiratory cANP,Wexford)

Media ManagerPriyanka Balu Thitme(Respiratory CNSp,Limerick)